Ultimate Cookie Co. has the best chocolate chip cookies in the Bay Area... tastes homemade, no commercial taste... Always the unanimous choice.
— Adrian Marcus, author The Chocolate Bible
Ultimate Cookie desserts are the best. They always seem to focus on quality and keeping their customers happy.
— Food Service Monthly Magazine
Best Chocolate–Dipped Coconut Macaroons… As any addict knows, the best macaroon is really the one in hand at the moment; but these (Ultimate Cookie) are something special. They look incredibly fresh and don’t disappoint. Coconut has never been so light and tasty, the the chocolate so melt-in-your-mouth. The fellow at the next table agreed: That’s one hell of a macaroon.
— San Francisco Weekly, The Best Of Everything
I recently tried your New York Crumb Cake. I’m from New York and I was born and raised there—Brooklyn. Your cake is just like I remembered, absolutely delicious!
— Dorris Wood, Il Piccolo Cafe
Ultimate Cookie’s famous Macaroons were featured on the Television Special “Eye on the Bay”